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Vlog #1: Self introduction

Hello! please share this with EVERYONE! I’m already over a quarter of the way there with my first goal of 100 subscribers within a month so to those that subscribed, thank you so much! keep passing the word ladies and gentlemen!

Hello, everyone! please help my YouTube channel grow by re-posting this on your blog! I plan on doing a charity drive once I reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube for dementia research This could honestly be the best thing that the people of the internet can do for me, since I want to turn a hobby into something greater…

There’s plenty of videos too if you would like to watch one! (all of them video games)

"Amnesia: the Dark Descent" Playlist


Hello People of the internet. It’s been a while since I’ve gone on Tumblr, but anyway… In my downtime, I usually play video games to relax. Whether it be Call of Duty (NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY) , an awesome indie game or some mainstream horror/ rage games.  I then figured… why not do something with this? So I grabbed my PC, a gaming mouse, webcam, and condenser mic; to begin my journey into Let’s Plays. I am just starting out, but I have several videos on already, so why not use some time to watch a Norse-Celtic Giant scream like a little girl? if you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to help the channel grow by subscribing today, sharing this post, or doing stuff on the channel page! I’m also open to any recommendations on video games as well.

This fucking heart attack of a sandwhich has 8 strips worth of bacon grease, a fucking potato pancake, three fucking strips of the candy bar of bacon, chicken, eggs with Blue FUCKING POP, and AMP ENERGY!  This beast is made to kill you and I will make it my bitch

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